Karalynia’s Request

On a warm sunny day, in a certain house, a boy was waking up and getting ready for the day. He stretched his short arms and got his materials ready and was off to his friend’s house.


Bye mom! See ya later. (Boy)


Ok Kara. Be careful. (Kara’s Mom)


The boy smiled and he ran out of the house. Kara walked through the city to his friend’s house. While he was walking, people turned around and stared at him.


He arrived at his friend’s house a little later and knocked on the door. He was tugging the bow in his hair waiting for his friend to come down. The door opened and a relatively handsome boy opened the door. His face widened in excitement when he saw Kara at the door.


Kara! (Boy)


He gestured to Kara to come in with an excited hand and Kara blushed and muttered, “I-I’m coming in!”


Alright Kara let’s go play some games in my room Kara. (Boy)


O-Ok Happen-san. (Kara)


As they climbed up the stairs, Kara’s face got increasingly red as this was the first time he was going to enter a friend’s room.


Here we are! Kara let’s play some games. (Happen)


Ok! (Kara)


Kara’s eyes sparkled when he heard games and they sat down and started playing some games together. Happen’s mom came in with

snacks and went off to work so they were alone in the house today.


Your mom’s really nice huh…? (Kara)


I mean, when she’s not being annoying, sure. Anyways Kara you have some ice cream on your face. (Happen)


Huh really? (Kara)


Don’t move, let me get it for you. (Happen)


Happen went over to Kara’s face and started licking it. Kara’s face started becoming hot and tried to back away, but couldn’t move.


H-Happen s-s-s-san, what are you doing? (Kara)


Isn’t it obvious? I’m wiping off the ice cream on your face. (Happen)


N-No stop. (Kara)


Don’t move or I may have to punish you. (Happen)


His eyes were gleaming and Happen started licking even more ferociously. Kara let out a moan while he was licking and he sunk his nails into his hand.


A-Ah no… (Kara)


(To be Continued… Just because torture is fun)

BLT II Canalave Cobalions: The Steel Musketeers 

Done – Only the winner of BLT gets a true ending.

Canalave Cobalions | Manager: antemortem; Assman: QuoteCS



Jmac AU





Note: Some terminology and where I thought of ideas is noted at the bottom. If you want to scroll through and read those first keep that in mind.

Just a little farther guys! There isn’t anyone who can stand in our way. (Megazard)

Everyone else just stared at him with pity.

W-Why are you looking at me like that? Don’t think I’m crazy! I’m notttttttt!!!!! (Megazard)

Ace-11 grabbed Megazard.

Ok ok, we get it, but Megazard there’s no way the next area is going to be easy. I mean HE set it up. (Ace-11)
Yeah yeah that’s right Megazard, it’s nice that you’re trying for optimism, but it’s pretty useless when we know the next area isn’t going to be fun. (Kiyo)

Mm. Thanks guys, I’m calm now, let’s move on to the next area guys! (Megazard)

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The Elegy of Trainers: Chatper 1 – Revelation WIP (1/6th of the way done. Jin and Blitz Pokemon)

The Elegy of Trainers: Chapter 1 – Revelation

The region of Peralsa is not like a typical Pokemon region. It is cut off from the rest of the world, barely seeing any travelers, visitors, or trade at all. The Pokemon there died out many centuries ago, leaving them without a zeal for battling. After they realized that there was nothing left in this world except greed, they realized one must fight to the top with the only thing they have left, the Spirit Cards.
This region only respects strength and while one can fine tune one’s body to be equal or even above another region’s Pokemon, the only way one can truly rule this region is with the Spirit Cards. Spirit Cards are Pokemon whose spirits were strong enough to live on even after death. These new era trainers, Generation XX, has become as strong as Pokemon, and the strongest can even call upon their Pokemon for their powers.
This is not to say all Spirit Cards are created equal, however. There are three tiers of cards and three ranks of cards within those tiers. The three ranks rank from Ascended, Inferior, and Descended. The weakest, the ones capable of being mass produced because of scientific advancement are called the Ghost rank. These may be weak, but still stronger than an average human. The middle of the group is called the Savior rank. Not only are they immensely more powerful, they also have the ability to become spirits and show up in the physical plane. The highest are Chaos ranks. There isn’t much known about them other than they can cause mass destruction or save an entire region.
Between ranks, there is about a 5x difference in strength. Between tiers, there is a 15x difference in strength. So even if a card seems only a rank apart, unless they are at the pinnacle and bottom of the power chain, there is virtually no way a lower rank can beat a higher rank and even less in tiers.
Pokemon have Psion Power which allow for the amount of times a move can be used. A Pokemon can have to up to four moves. Due, to Psion Power, the restriction on each trainer is a total of six because any more would cause a person to die.
Spirit Pokemon are allowed up to a total of four moves each, just like a regular one. However, many of these moves are much stronger than the ones of the regular counterparts due to the Psion Power empowering them.
Strong trainers have the ability to call upon their Pokemon’s power to call up weapons to this world. This links the trainer and Pokemon, as they share an unbreakable bond at that moment and the trainer gains enormous power. To do this however, requires an ginormous amount of energy and can drain out an trainer’s energy source and cause them to faint. Also, another setback is that the Pokemon must be at least a Descended Savior rank. Even so, it is still a great power and can turn a tide of a battle, competitions, or even wars.

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The Elegy of the Trainers: Prologue – The Frozen Servant

Character List (For everyone left off, we’ll see what happens, I can add you in… Maybe):
(#) blitzamirin, feliburn, jinofthegale, sirdonovan, vapo Moderators (@): acast, always, antemortem, anto, bulbasword, dell, girafferider, imas234, jackdalton, jetpack, kilan, ladymonita, manu11, scalarmotion, swirlyder, test2017, winry Drivers (%): ace, charles, dirpz, hannahh, jariibo, minus, psych, quotecs, redew, sigilyph, snowydoe, theraven, xshiba, zodiax Voices (+): aceknightsuzaku, cp3mvp, deceived, epicnikolai, exeggutor, gxs, hanslowbro, istockphoto, macle, petyer, pottiescippen, scoutbot, se7enlions, shadowophion, silverwhiteblue, sotsot, taylor, techsupportbreloom, xlstevo, xskelly34, zinnia

Special: jeran, jefo, cellgoondude, xfix, Dream Eater Gengar, Scyther no Swiping, Do a Biberal, Voltages, PocketTrigger
Ded: SteelEdges, Spydreigon

blitzamirin, feliburn, jinofthegale, sirdonovan, vapo, xfix(The non RO) (Prologue and Chapter 1)

The Elegy of Trainers: Prologue – The Frozen Servant

(Well isn’t this fun…) (???)

The boy looked around the room listlessly, looking for a way out.
(I know they told us not to use Pokemon, but…. Really a locked room with no way out with only a paper clip, they expect too much from me.)
The boy says this to himself, but his heart knows otherwise. He knows he’s just practicing his humble ways before revealing his true abilities. The boy’s eyes suddenly went sharp and analyzed the room’s structure finding a little hole in the wall.
The hole was about five centimeters wide. One wouldn’t notice it if they weren’t paying attention. It really didn’t seem like it mattered either, as one couldn’t see anything of significance on the other side. However, the boy knew different. The boy grabbed the paper clip and threw it extended at the hole. It slipped in perfectly and stayed there. Well, it was only in about two centimeters, so one would expect it to fall out…
But the paper clip froze.

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This World is Broken Prologue

[Note: Author likes to use a lot of particles. Meaning onomatopoeia]

[Note: Prologue is short. It gets longer later.]

Prologue: Where am I?

Mu… Huh where am I? (…)

{Fua I’m so tired. Ok I should be in my bedroom, but… this looks more like a medieval castle… Ah, am I dreaming? I should pinch myself.}

What are you doing? (???)

Gyaaaa! (…)

I was so surprised I jumped back at least four feet. I didn’t think anyone was around me.

{Wai- Wait, is this real? Alright I should calmly think about this… Don’t tell me I got sent back in time or something…? Ok… Analyze the situation}

{Ok looking around I see the medieval structures are made like the European castles I saw in textbooks… Wait what’s that…? It looks like a small glowing part is holding those columns to the ceiling, it’s levitating!? Wait, could this be a mang-}

Ah, Hero-sama, are you ok? (???)

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The Plan

Well. Since, I’m giddy, I might as well tell you good people what I plan to do.

1. Get good grades to aqquire a computer.

2. Do something with a TLer

3. If possible editing is much easier for me

4. Read more stuff

Best plan ever ~

Also, does anyone know how to add this as my homepage button?