This World is Broken Prologue

[Note: Author likes to use a lot of particles. Meaning onomatopoeia]

[Note: Prologue is short. It gets longer later.]

Prologue: Where am I?

Mu… Huh where am I? (…)

{Fua I’m so tired. Ok I should be in my bedroom, but… this looks more like a medieval castle… Ah, am I dreaming? I should pinch myself.}

What are you doing? (???)

Gyaaaa! (…)

I was so surprised I jumped back at least four feet. I didn’t think anyone was around me.

{Wai- Wait, is this real? Alright I should calmly think about this… Don’t tell me I got sent back in time or something…? Ok… Analyze the situation}

{Ok looking around I see the medieval structures are made like the European castles I saw in textbooks… Wait what’s that…? It looks like a small glowing part is holding those columns to the ceiling, it’s levitating!? Wait, could this be a mang-}

Ah, Hero-sama, are you ok? (???)

The girl who startled him earlier tried to catch his attention again.

Uma… I mean, yes thank you! Un… So who are you and where am I? (…)

Ah, I am Princess Lucille, nice to meet you Hero-sama. As for where we are, welcome to Xervalt. (Lucille)

{Tsk, we really did end up in a manga world. Explains why I’m called a hero.}

I see, Luciile-sama, nice to meet you. My name is Chou Tatsuya. Just call me Tatsuya if possible. (Tatsuya)

Oh no I couldn’t possibly do that Chou-sama, can I just call you that? (Lucille)

Fumu that’s fine, so what was I called here for? Although, I could probably guess. (Tatsuya)

Tatsuya looked around at the place and sighed. He really didn’t want to have to fight to protect another world, he’s not that type of guy. Tatsuya took a look at the princess. She was voluptuous, with fair skin and a very nice looking dress. Her platinum blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail, while her red eyes sparkled with a gleeful gleam.

Well, it’s really simple, can you come with me Chou-sama? (Lucille)

She led him to another room. Unlike the small room earlier, this room was much more grand with a much more extravagant design. Also, worth noting would be the fact this room was designed with many more of those magic stones Tatsuya saw earlier. It was a room fit for a king, which probably wasn’t a far stretch.

{Fun, looks like I’m going to get into a mess.}

Welcome! I am the king of Zeralis, welcome to the continent of Xervalt Hero-sama! (King)

Hello your majesty. Let’s cut to the chase, do you want me to hunt down an existence that threatens the humans or something around that goal? (Tatsuya)

Shin, the room went silent at Tatsuya’s blunt words. After his surprise, he shed the facade he uses for uncertain situations.

A-Ano, yes that is what we need you to do Hero-sama. Please help us save the continent of Xervalt by wiping out the evil Lucifers! (King)

{Pu, the name for the demons are Lucifers! Ahahaha, calm down me, don’t show your laughter.}

Ha… So basically you want me to go by myself and go kill their king or what? (Tatsuya)

No! Of course not, Hero-sama, we will provide you with training and our nobles will provide you with their forces for you to use at your own whim, as your pawns. (King)

Ee, let me think about it first, can I go check out your library or something first? (Tatsuya)

Yes, of course. Lucille guide him there please. (King)

Yes Father. (Lucille)

After walking around a bit, he noticed that while the nobles looked at him with hope, the workers looked at him with despair. Also, the princess was leading him with a blank expression. No there was a smile, but it looked more like it was because she had to rather than because of him.

Here’s the library Chou-sama, do you need anything else? (Lucille)

Ano, give me a second. (Tatsuya)

He checked if he could even read the books, so he picked one out by random. To him it was just in Japanese, so it was all fine.

Yes, I’m fine. Thank you Lucille-sama. (Tatsuya)

Lucille curtsied and walked away.

Tatsuya started reading the books on magic first because even with his levelheaded thinking, he was still excited about the prospect of magic. Wa this is very easy to understand, but apparently it’s harder to put in practice.
There are seven elements in this world. While it is not needed to use the elements for magic, the seven key ones can allow one to call on the spirits in the air instead of having to use one’s own mana. The seven elements were Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark, and Ironscale. One can use many elements, but not many can master all of them without falling behind in one or the other, so many mages focus on two to four elements.

{Umu, let me try out this movement spell. I really like this shadow movement spell. I hope the hero element gave me the ability to use all of the elements.}

Tatsuya imagined the room he was in when he was summoned here and he blinked there. No not blinked, traveled through the shadows to that location.

{Success! Yes, this way I have an easy way of getting around.}

Just as he was about to get back to the library, he heard yelling from the audience room.

Father! Why did you make me do that? (???)

{Is that…?}

Unknowingly, he moved toward the door stealthily listening.

  1. [Note: Author likes to use a lot of particles. Meaning onomatopoeia]

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