The Elegy of the Trainers: Prologue – The Frozen Servant

Character List (For everyone left off, we’ll see what happens, I can add you in… Maybe):
(#) blitzamirin, feliburn, jinofthegale, sirdonovan, vapo Moderators (@): acast, always, antemortem, anto, bulbasword, dell, girafferider, imas234, jackdalton, jetpack, kilan, ladymonita, manu11, scalarmotion, swirlyder, test2017, winry Drivers (%): ace, charles, dirpz, hannahh, jariibo, minus, psych, quotecs, redew, sigilyph, snowydoe, theraven, xshiba, zodiax Voices (+): aceknightsuzaku, cp3mvp, deceived, epicnikolai, exeggutor, gxs, hanslowbro, istockphoto, macle, petyer, pottiescippen, scoutbot, se7enlions, shadowophion, silverwhiteblue, sotsot, taylor, techsupportbreloom, xlstevo, xskelly34, zinnia

Special: jeran, jefo, cellgoondude, xfix, Dream Eater Gengar, Scyther no Swiping, Do a Biberal, Voltages, PocketTrigger
Ded: SteelEdges, Spydreigon

blitzamirin, feliburn, jinofthegale, sirdonovan, vapo, xfix(The non RO) (Prologue and Chapter 1)

The Elegy of Trainers: Prologue – The Frozen Servant

(Well isn’t this fun…) (???)

The boy looked around the room listlessly, looking for a way out.
(I know they told us not to use Pokemon, but…. Really a locked room with no way out with only a paper clip, they expect too much from me.)
The boy says this to himself, but his heart knows otherwise. He knows he’s just practicing his humble ways before revealing his true abilities. The boy’s eyes suddenly went sharp and analyzed the room’s structure finding a little hole in the wall.
The hole was about five centimeters wide. One wouldn’t notice it if they weren’t paying attention. It really didn’t seem like it mattered either, as one couldn’t see anything of significance on the other side. However, the boy knew different. The boy grabbed the paper clip and threw it extended at the hole. It slipped in perfectly and stayed there. Well, it was only in about two centimeters, so one would expect it to fall out…
But the paper clip froze.

(… Tsk this power isn’t enough to break the wall. What a strong wall…) (???)

The boy sighed as he took out a blue card.

(I ask for the Mutation of the Eons, the grand splicer of the ocean, Vaporeon, lend me your power!)

The boy threw it at the wall and at first nothing happened. Then, it started shaking, once, twice, thrice, and click from the card emerged a spirit of water, Vaporeon.

(Vaporeon lend me some of your power please!) (???)

The Vaporeon seemed to shake its head as it started exerting energy from its aura toward the boy. The boy absorbed it and took it into himself as the mana inside his body started to create something. A frozen spear appeared, [Brionac Spear], was gripped by the boy.

(Alright then, let’s break this wall!) (???)

Truthfully, the challenge was seen by the boy a while ago. He must use the paper clip to keep the small button in the wall clipped down so the explosives and the switch would move back from the wall. Then, he would have to break the wall without triggering the explosives. Although, he could just leave the rooms in flames, that would mean a failure, and that leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

(Hail down on my enemies, Ice Beam!)

The wall collapsed beautifully and the boy easily reached the switch. However, the spear in his hand shattered as soon as it used Ice Beam and the boy sighed.

(Really Vaporeon, did you have to be so cheap with the Psion Power?)

The boy mumbled as he walked out of the room to be met with a bright shine. He was on top of the roof with two people watching the door.

{Ha… So they were here. Fun~ Hopefully, I passed with their strict standards}

Standing in front of the boy was a dapper man in a black and purple suit with a porkpie hat, whilst the other one was a traditional Japanese man with a purple outfit of the samurai. While the man in the suit looked formal, he held an aura of a beast around him. The samurai had a sword with an edge that looked as sharp as in just touching it would split your bone in two.

(1 minute, 34 seconds, you almost failed Vapo, better try harder next time) (Porkpie)

(Ease up, Spydreigon, it’s not like he failed or anything, besides he barely used any of his power anyways) (Samurai)

(SteelEdges, you know we strive for our students to be able to clear these trials without the interference of their Pokemon. Not that it’s not allowed, it’s recommended.) (Spydreigon)

(But… We never leave without our Pokemon anyways…) (SteelEdges)

(You can get seperated, robbed, or a plethora of other things, stop being so soft) (Spydreigon)

(Fun~ fine) SteelEdges

SteelEdges raises his hand in defeat and directs his gaze toward Vapo, motioning for him to speak.

(Thank you Spy-sensei and Steel-sensei, I will work harder next time) (Vapo)

Vapo quickly dashes over the railing and dives into the pool ten stories below. Then, he swims out like nothing happened, and waddles over to his room.

(Fumu, fast like always that Vapo. So Spydreigon, how are the rest of them doing?) (SteelEdges)

(Just fine, I seperated into teams of 2 and sent sirDonovan off to monitor them) (Spydreigon)

(Is Dono fine without training? He is still a student after all.) (SteelEdges)

(He’ll be fine, he switches off with Blitzamirin for rest in observant duties.) (Spydreigon)

(Alright then, shall we go back to checking on our regular students and let the King and his five servants do their own little jig?) (SteelEdges)

(That’s fine, let’s do that.) (Spydreigon)

As Spydreigon just flew down to the seventh floor and SteelEdges climbed the sides down, a new story stirs in the wind.

You get two choices:
I can explain what the hell all this terminology will be
Chapter 1 happens and it will happens somewhere around Ch.1 – Ch.2

Choose now.


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