The Elegy of Trainers: Chatper 1 – Revelation WIP (1/6th of the way done. Jin and Blitz Pokemon)

The Elegy of Trainers: Chapter 1 – Revelation

The region of Peralsa is not like a typical Pokemon region. It is cut off from the rest of the world, barely seeing any travelers, visitors, or trade at all. The Pokemon there died out many centuries ago, leaving them without a zeal for battling. After they realized that there was nothing left in this world except greed, they realized one must fight to the top with the only thing they have left, the Spirit Cards.
This region only respects strength and while one can fine tune one’s body to be equal or even above another region’s Pokemon, the only way one can truly rule this region is with the Spirit Cards. Spirit Cards are Pokemon whose spirits were strong enough to live on even after death. These new era trainers, Generation XX, has become as strong as Pokemon, and the strongest can even call upon their Pokemon for their powers.
This is not to say all Spirit Cards are created equal, however. There are three tiers of cards and three ranks of cards within those tiers. The three ranks rank from Ascended, Inferior, and Descended. The weakest, the ones capable of being mass produced because of scientific advancement are called the Ghost rank. These may be weak, but still stronger than an average human. The middle of the group is called the Savior rank. Not only are they immensely more powerful, they also have the ability to become spirits and show up in the physical plane. The highest are Chaos ranks. There isn’t much known about them other than they can cause mass destruction or save an entire region.
Between ranks, there is about a 5x difference in strength. Between tiers, there is a 15x difference in strength. So even if a card seems only a rank apart, unless they are at the pinnacle and bottom of the power chain, there is virtually no way a lower rank can beat a higher rank and even less in tiers.
Pokemon have Psion Power which allow for the amount of times a move can be used. A Pokemon can have to up to four moves. Due, to Psion Power, the restriction on each trainer is a total of six because any more would cause a person to die.
Spirit Pokemon are allowed up to a total of four moves each, just like a regular one. However, many of these moves are much stronger than the ones of the regular counterparts due to the Psion Power empowering them.
Strong trainers have the ability to call upon their Pokemon’s power to call up weapons to this world. This links the trainer and Pokemon, as they share an unbreakable bond at that moment and the trainer gains enormous power. To do this however, requires an ginormous amount of energy and can drain out an trainer’s energy source and cause them to faint. Also, another setback is that the Pokemon must be at least a Descended Savior rank. Even so, it is still a great power and can turn a tide of a battle, competitions, or even wars.

(Woah!) (???)

A fiery boy with red hair dodges to the side as soon as a sword comes down on them. He cringes as he sees how the ground was cut like butter.

(Pu, this is so fun kukuku. Come at me you knights of corruption, see if you can even touch this body~) (???)

The boy says as his face sweats.

The skeleton knight charges at the boy at high speeds and swings his sword centimeters away from the boy’s face.

(Fua… It was only this weak? Ok then…) (???)

The boy disappeared and the knight with no face still somehow pulled off a puzzled expression on its (helmet?). The knight scanned its surroundings, but could not feel a thing. It spotted a spark and moved toward it and when it slashed at the spark…

(Kukuku. You really are simple, come Inferno Cutter, destroy that idiot knight.) (???)

The boy appeared on top of the knight and let his sword that seemed to have a life of its own destroy it. It slithered and writhed like a snake and as the knight struggled to survive, the boy’s smile got even wider before he let the sword go all out and destroy it with aplomb.

{Tsu, this is too easy, do the teachers think I’m a pushover or somethin-} (???)


A hydra and dragon appeared suddenly on both sides of the boy and almost devoured him. Luckily or unluckily, another boy albeit with green hair came out and grabbed him right before the jaws snapped shot.

(Err… Thanks jin) (???)

(Thanks? THANKS FELI? Is that really all you have to say for that shitty performance of sitting at the tree without paying attention while almost dying to the easiest monsters in this training jungle?) (jin)

(… Yes.) (Feli)




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