BLT II Canalave Cobalions: The Steel Musketeers 

Done – Only the winner of BLT gets a true ending.

Canalave Cobalions | Manager: antemortem; Assman: QuoteCS



Jmac AU





Note: Some terminology and where I thought of ideas is noted at the bottom. If you want to scroll through and read those first keep that in mind.

Just a little farther guys! There isn’t anyone who can stand in our way. (Megazard)

Everyone else just stared at him with pity.

W-Why are you looking at me like that? Don’t think I’m crazy! I’m notttttttt!!!!! (Megazard)

Ace-11 grabbed Megazard.

Ok ok, we get it, but Megazard there’s no way the next area is going to be easy. I mean HE set it up. (Ace-11)
Yeah yeah that’s right Megazard, it’s nice that you’re trying for optimism, but it’s pretty useless when we know the next area isn’t going to be fun. (Kiyo)

Mm. Thanks guys, I’m calm now, let’s move on to the next area guys! (Megazard)

Un! (Everyone)

They climbed out of the cave and as they exited a blinding light caused everyone to close their eyes. As they got out, they surveyed their surroundings.

W-Wow, this is a beautiful area. (Jordn)

It was a flower field. Filled with flowers of any color a person can imagine of. With a lake to the west and forest to the east it was a beautiful place. The cave the climbed out of closed behind them, but no one paid attention as they were looking. Everyone was admiring the scenery until TheLastOne noticed something off.

No team, we have to retreat to a safe area, this is an open field! It’s a trap! (TheLastOne)

Everyone flinched and realized he was right, but it was too late. The ground opened up and the crevice split the team in two.

Ace-11, I leave that side to you! I’ll meet you at the end northbound. (Megazard)

Understood! (Ace-11)

As the two teams split up they headed to their respective battlefields, Megazard to the lake and Ace-11 to the forest.

As Megazard ran to the lake, he stopped suddenly about twenty feet before the shore of the lake and Kiyo and Jmac AU both stopped behind him.

Watch it, this area is suspicious, draw your weapons everyone. Kiyo go scout ahead. (Megazard)

All 3 drew out their sword, they were all honed in Canalave in the art of Quotalian.
Kiyo ran ahead and activated the sword’s innate ability. The sword started glowing purple with flames and divided into nine separate blades. They floated around Kiyo illuminating the area with their flames.

As Kiyo, ran across the water, there seemed to be nothing wrong until Kiyo noticed the ripples in the water were too big.

Tsk. The area boss is following me, Megazard, JmacAU come over here and help me. (Kiyo)

Got it. (Megazard)

Understood. (JmacAU)

Megazard’s blade started heating up and spliced twice for something that resembled a claw. He flew over the water and anywhere his blade touched, the water started steaming.

JmacAU used his blade to locate his target and it transformed into a staff.

Yo its weaker side is its Resistance and its strongest attack is Acroice… Whatever that is. (JmacAU)

Uch. Sometimes that ability is so useless JmacAU. Here I’m gonna shoot, go my fox blades slice that thing up! (Kiyo)

The blades started moving toward the water and dove under. They all stabbed into one location. The spot where the blades stopped, the water started being diluted by some liquid.

HA! That was easy. That’ll show those people to mess with m- (Kiyo)

The blades came spitting out of the water at Kiyo.

WHAT? Those are my blades, they shouldn’t come back until I’m finished boasting! (Kiyo)

Kiyo splendidly dodges the blades as they come out of the water and complains while doing so.

Are you ok Kiyo? (JmacAU)

Yeah, but why did my blades come back without me calling… Unless the boss wasn’t killed? But I’m sure I killed him since all of the blades stopped and it started oozing.. (Kiyo)

Fun… Weird indee- WATCH OUT, DODGE! (Megazard)

Suddenly, the water burst apart while JmacAU and Kiyo barely got out of the radius of the boss.

O-Oi… Isn’t that thing a little TOO huge?!?!? (JmacAU)

The boss was a beautiful green shade like new grass in a field with scales that sparkled like a jewel. It had big menacing teeth and a jewel embedded in its chest. Its eyes seemed to scan the very depths of a person’s heart.

But the most menacing thing wasn’t that it had sharp claws or legs like a castle fortress or even the giant scaly wings. It was the fact that it was that it was humongous. It’s no exaggeration to say that it would destroy could destroy nine to eleven skyscrapers with one charge with its body.

Oh my lord… We lost. (Kiyo)

No! We haven’t lost, we just need to use master’s skills. Remember – (Megazard)

The bigger they are, the easier they are to crush! (Everyone)

HAHAHAHA, I see you’re still improving my children. (???)

H-Huh? Master? Where are you? (Megazard)

Over here Megazard, I’m your final test. (Dragon)

W-WHAT? You’re THAT thing master? There’s no way… unless you shapeshifted? THAT’S UNFAIR! (Kiyo)

Unfair to me maybe. I’m weaker in this form, but you’ll have to beat both! Enough talk let’s fight! (QuoteCS)

QuoteCS jumped at his pupils with the intent to kill.

Guys! Snap out of it we have to beat him. Let’s show him how much we’ve improved! (JmacAU)

Y-Yeah. We can do this… (Kiyo)

Enough talk fight! (Megazard)

Megazard unsheathed his sword again and swung at the limb of the beast. It came off smoothly and easily.

H-Huh? That’s really easy, guys it’s really weak! (Megazard)

Kiyo and JmacAU were startled for a second, then Kiyo shot the blades to QuoteCS’s wings and they were chopped up instantly and JmacAU shot his shadow frost magic and it beheaded QuoteCS.

Huh. Neat. That really was easy. (JmacAU)

Yea- Wait. What’s that? (Kiyo)

From the gem, the dragon started to form again, in a split second it was back up to full form.

The good thing about this form, it regenerates fast. (QuoteCS)

QuoteCS smiles. The team’s morale dropped and they all think


~Two Hours Later~

The three teammates were hiding behind a rock.


Kiyo calm down, he’ll find us. (JmacAU)


Kiyo, chill for a moment. I got a plan. Instead of attacking him we make him destroy himself. (Megazard)

… How? He doesn’t even attack. (Kiyo)

I noticed last battle when we killed him slower than usual. He was charging something up, probably Acroice. (Megazard)

So your plan is to make him shoot himself with that Megazard? (JmacAU)

Yep, easy plan right? (Megazard)

Haa… Sure easy, I’m in. (JmacAU)

Fu… I’m in too, but if it doesn’t work, I quit, I don’t even care anymore. (Kiyo)

They found QuoteCS again and let him charge his attack. When he shot, the shot was so chilling and so wild that they almost lost track of it. Luckily, JmacAU is nimble and could easily anticipate it and deflect it.

Now guys! (JmacAU)

Kiyo directed the blades to become a fan and deflect it to Megazard.

Megazard used his blade and shot the blast right at the chest with the heat of the blade.

Take thiissss! (Megazard)

The blast hit QuoteCS’s chest and shattered the jewel. The body quickly dissipated into smoke and vanished.

D-Did we win? (Kiyo)

Of course not. I told you TWO forms right? (QuoteCS)

OH COME ON! (Kiyo)

A handsome man was in front of the three. With long flowing green hair and red eyes. He looked very peaceful. However, the three trained warriors could tell under that demeanor was a very scary bloodlust. The three of them flinched by instinct.

Master. You won’t regenerate this time right? (Megazard)

Of course not, however will you win is the question. Hahaha, come at me with all you’ve got this time!


… We’re screwed. (TheLastOne)

Don’t say that! We’re fine dude, just calm yourself. (Ace-11)

How in the hell am I supposed to calm myself with THAT, in the way!? (TheLastOne)

In front of the rock they were hiding behind, there was a giant purple behemoth with glinting black armor.

Not even the art of Cobalto can keep this stuff down, look what happened to those two! (TheLastOne)

TheLastOne pointed at the two puppets jumping around searching for them. They were Jrdn and majaspic22 being controlled by the mysterious behemoth.

If they can’t beat them, I doubt we can, you saw what happened. They both got zapped and turned into those mindless slaves. (TheLastOne)

Bro! Calm down. We just need to wait and see what happens, I’m hiding us with my art, just calm do- (Ace-11)

Yoo-hoo! Ace-11, TheLastOne, you out there? (???)

They both looked up and saw Jrdn holding majaspic22.

If you don’t come out now, this guy is going to be missing his little brother. (Jrdn)

NOOOO! Help me guys! Someone please come help meeeeee!!! (majaspic22)

Tsk! Wasn’t he under that thing’s mind control, we have to not go… (TheLastOne)

It doesn’t matter, we have to help him or else he might lose that thing forever (Ace-11)
Not like he’ll ever use it… Fine let’s go. (TheLastOne)


They jumped out and started barraging Jrdn with their arts. Ace-11 became red as he shot out the a gigantic flame and engulfed his prey with it.

Jeez calm down Ace-11… (TheLastOne)

On the other hand, TheLastOne sang a song in a chilling voice to keep the flames down and not hurt majaspic22 and keep the behemoth away.

Are you ok? (Ace-11)

Y-Yeah, I think I’m fine… But you aren’t! (majaspic22)

He stabs Ace-11 in the gut and jumps away smirking.

Did you really think he wasn’t controlled… Idiot. (TheLastOne)

W-Well at least he’s safe… (Ace-11)

What about you? You’re burning right now aren’t you? (TheLastOne)

He’s right, I didn’t know you were this dumb Ace-11. (majaspic22)

He laughs as he cuts apart the frozen Jrdn’s prison.

Alright Jrdn, let’s dispose of these fools. (majaspic22)

… (Jrdn)

… Come on Jrdn, I know you just got done being imprisoned, but get off your ass and fight already. (majaspic22)

Right. I’ll start with the one on the left, you get the right. (Jrdn)

Ho? Ok well- (majaspic22)

Swish. On the floor was majaspic22 paralyzed.

You guys ok? (Jrdn)

The hell? Aren’t you under that thing’s control Jrdn? (Ace-11)

Nah it wore off once that status got me. That thing’s weak as fuck to status. (Jrdn)

Fu… If only we knew this sooner we could’ve avoided all this bullshit. (TheLastOne)
Well whatever let’s heal majaspic22 and get going. Jrdn if you would. (Ace-11)

Sure. (Jrdn)

He puts his hand on majaspic22 and inserts his toxins inside his body, this time healing him instead of paralyzing.

Ow… I hate how you can do that. (majaspic22)

No more time for talking that thing is here! (TheLastOne)

The behemoth drops on them like a stone tablet. It watches them as the insignificant fools that they are in its eyes and attacks with, what they decided to call, Void Fury once again.

Dodge! And shoot all of your status at it this time guys… Not that I can… I’ll just make an opening I guess… (Ace-11)

This is no time to be disheartened idiot! (Jrdn)

Ace-11 shoots out a bolt of extremely high voltage electricity at the creature, while the rest used their status moves.

Song of Eternal Rest! (TheLastOne)

Er Shi Er Flames of Hell! (majaspic22)

Disease Downpour! (Jrdn)

The creature was hit hard by the blast of electricity and stumbled back. Then the statuses hit together on one focal point. The creature cried out and fell like a rock. The guys looked at each other in disbelief and after their shock cleared, they cheered.

Woo! We showed that bitch who’s boss! (majaspic22)

Who’s a bitch…? (???)

The four of them turned at the armor corpse and were unbelievably staring at what was climbing out.

A girl of tanned skin was climbing out of the corpse. Her purple hair was tied by a white ribbon and her golden eyes showed despite the gentle smile on her face, she was mad.

All of the guys jerked after seeing her smile.

anto…? (Ace-11)

That’s right. What was that about this “bitch” being easy to beat majaspic22? (anto)

Hiiii! I mean- There wasn’t really… I’m sorry!!!! (majaspic22)

It’s ok. I’m not mad. (anto)

You aren’t…? (majaspic22)

Nope, it just means I won’t feel bad when I beat you into the ground. (anto)

She pulled out her katanas and they started glowing like the cosmos.

I hope you’re ready! (anto)

Someone help us!!! (Everyone else)

Quotalian: QuoteCS + Cobalion

Cobalto: Cobalion + anto

Kiyo: I thought of a fox. Nine tails = Nine swords

Megazard: Tough Claws + Drought

JmacAU: Download + Anticipation

Ace: Protean + Sheer Force

TheLastOne: Refrigerate + Adaptability

majaspic22: A burn + 22 seconds of it

Jrdn: Effect Spore + Poison Heal

QuoteCS: I stretched. Berry Juice + Acrobatics(Archen) Meaning Heals and an absurdly bull attack

anto: Hyperspace Hole(Void) + Hyperspace Fury


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