Karalynia’s Request

On a warm sunny day, in a certain house, a boy was waking up and getting ready for the day. He stretched his short arms and got his materials ready and was off to his friend’s house.


Bye mom! See ya later. (Boy)


Ok Kara. Be careful. (Kara’s Mom)


The boy smiled and he ran out of the house. Kara walked through the city to his friend’s house. While he was walking, people turned around and stared at him.


He arrived at his friend’s house a little later and knocked on the door. He was tugging the bow in his hair waiting for his friend to come down. The door opened and a relatively handsome boy opened the door. His face widened in excitement when he saw Kara at the door.


Kara! (Boy)


He gestured to Kara to come in with an excited hand and Kara blushed and muttered, “I-I’m coming in!”


Alright Kara let’s go play some games in my room Kara. (Boy)


O-Ok Happen-san. (Kara)


As they climbed up the stairs, Kara’s face got increasingly red as this was the first time he was going to enter a friend’s room.


Here we are! Kara let’s play some games. (Happen)


Ok! (Kara)


Kara’s eyes sparkled when he heard games and they sat down and started playing some games together. Happen’s mom came in with

snacks and went off to work so they were alone in the house today.


Your mom’s really nice huh…? (Kara)


I mean, when she’s not being annoying, sure. Anyways Kara you have some ice cream on your face. (Happen)


Huh really? (Kara)


Don’t move, let me get it for you. (Happen)


Happen went over to Kara’s face and started licking it. Kara’s face started becoming hot and tried to back away, but couldn’t move.


H-Happen s-s-s-san, what are you doing? (Kara)


Isn’t it obvious? I’m wiping off the ice cream on your face. (Happen)


N-No stop. (Kara)


Don’t move or I may have to punish you. (Happen)


His eyes were gleaming and Happen started licking even more ferociously. Kara let out a moan while he was licking and he sunk his nails into his hand.


A-Ah no… (Kara)


(To be Continued… Just because torture is fun)


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